March 21, 2019

September 21, 2017

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Solutions for Strength: Generational Trauma Explained

March 21, 2019

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Earth Bound

March 21, 2019

A woman so lovely; I hold my tongue in awe

Rumbling with the strength to walk and walk on further

An enigma I course through, the battlement of heart and mind

I lose both at her every moment’s presence, possibly in vain

Outsourced is the sentence, this beauty of our time standing still

A mistake to claim all these words belong to me

Alone, I am a venturer–leaping forth to the wildness of my blood

I burn, playing with life like mazes I’ve created out of boredom

Blossoming entities procure the sanctity of my eternal estate

Joining the others’ bodies, I’ll be dragged from the grave

Thrown, placed upon the top of the dusty stack for the blind to love

Would I count upon the honor of exhaustion; tending to the pulsing penalty

The joy and dream of granting her every subliminal desire

Why must I recite her beauty, the vessel of the unobtainable

Bringing on the extinguished before aflame, so this light may shed her wants

To history as if we trust it’s coming, to daylight as if we believe it will last

I am a mode of precision decorated under a kaleidoscope of an original instrument

What density of mannerisms quell, surely if smiles dilute question

A chimera might beat out the chiaroscuro for a secular marriage’s mound

To break tectonic tendencies as substance ascends to a summit’s face.




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