Men's and Women's Inuit Regalia, illustrated by M. Jacqui Lambert 

8" x 10" Mounted Wood Print Set (Can stand alone or hang on wall)

For thousands of years, our people lived in and loved the circumpolar Arctic. We're Inupiat, Yup'ik, Cup'ik, Inuvialuit, Inuinnaq, Kallallit and so much more but we are all Inuit together! We live half way across the world. We are family. We are blessed by the Arctic land and water. Inuit are strong. Inuit are beautiful. Inuit are intellectual. 


Both the men's and women's prints will only be available as one set together until further notice.

All proceeds go directly towards: printing & shipping costs for The Qargizine, wood print inventory, t-shirt inventory, and other miscellaneous costs such as software tools and website fees.

Inuit Regalia Wood Print Set