March 21, 2019


they are whispered in the wind

etched in the weaving valleys

and on the rolling tundra

they are sung in the rushing river water

and hushed in the crashing waves

they have always been here

for us

now the sun’s shining on your heart

illuminating these lessons

to heal you once a...

March 21, 2019

The traditional homeland of the Eyak people covers the Southeastern shores of the Prince William Sound in the North Gulf Coast of Alaska. The Native Village of Eyak is a federally recognized tribe with 420 tribal citizens. As of 2015, 44 percent of Eyak tribal members...

September 21, 2016

UNALAKLEET—“We’re eating fish again?” Yanni exasperatingly asked my brother. It was my brother’s girlfriend’s first summer with our family. And every summer, we ate fresh salmon most days.

Back then the king runs were strong and our summer started off with greasy, deced...

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