mission: to instill the knowledge and pride of rural and Alaska Native cultures in today's generation through multi-media productions. 

EsquiMedia was a passion project created in 2015 by Jacqui Lambert, an Inupiaq woman from Kotzebue, Alaska. Her vision started with a self-publication called The Qargizine, a print/digital magazine that highlighted expressions from rural Alaska. She wanted to develop a platform for creatives across the state that included print, audio and video productions.


Jacqui is currently rebranding her magazine into Native Time Quarterly. Native Time is a collaborative project with Alice Qannik Glenn of Coffee&Quaq podcast and Howdice Brown III of Channel Films & Indigenous Future. This website will now only serve as a space for content from The Qargizine as well as the store products created by Jacqui. All sales will go towards her rebranding process. You can find her work at jacquiiwithacue.com and you can donate to her work here. Thank you for your support in increasing Native representation in the media. The Native Time website will be released in early 2020.

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