mission: to instill the knowledge and pride of rural and Alaska Native cultures in today's generation through multi-media productions. 

Pronunciation of Publication

/qədəgē zēn/

                               /quh-duh-gii zeen/

Qargi is a Northwest Arctic Inupiaq word. There are no D's in the Inupiaq alphabet so the R's are slightly rolled to appear to sound like a D. In the North Slope region, it is called a qalgi and in the YK Delta region, they call it a qasgi.

A zine is a self-published magazine.

The qargi is traditionally a gathering place for Inuit across the circumpolar Arctic. It was the social, economic and political center for a community. The Qargizine is a new way to bring our people together. It is a community-driven quarterly print and online publication edited and designed by Jacqui Lambert of Kotzebue, Alaska. 

There is an open submission process. Contributors from across the state are encouraged to submit artwork, photography, poetry and stories. 

This season's featured contributors

Each issue highlights an artist, photographer and writer. If you or someone you know would like to be a featured contributor, please e-mail info@esquimedia.com

Tristan Morgan is a contemporary visual artist who lives and works out of Anchorage, Alaska. As a mixed Iñupiat Alaska Native woman, Tristan pulls from her experiences from her unique outlook on life to create culturally contemporary pieces that explore traditional Iñupiat values through a Western lens while also discussing Alaska Native and Native American issues. 

artist: Tristan Agnauraq Morgan

photographer: Eben Hopson

Not a lot of people know that in the past, I have seen multiple mental health professionals for symptoms of both the Bipolar and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders. The crazy part about the diagnoses was that I initially recognized the symptoms myself because of my past s...

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Writer: Jacqui Lambert